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Preserving & reviving First Nations culture and language 

Creating videos, audio recordings, web development and supporting design. It is a proven technique that video and audio reinforce language learning and are essential tools to language development. 

Mobile Recording Studio 

In hopes of simplifying the process for elders and knowledge keepers, we have designed a mobile recording studio in a high top van giving us the ability to travel to them in the comfort of their own property. The van is soundproof and able to travel to different locations in British Columbia and Canada at large.

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Our goal is to preserve First Nations culture and language through video, audio recordings, web development and supporting design. This content will be recorded in collaboration with the First Nations, outreach programs and local communities. The aim is to create content that will be accessible for community members including those who are remote so learning can be possible from any location. We will provide the resources and framework to extend language learning beyond schools and add more self-learning language support resources for older youth and adult community members. Archiving and Preserving the language are a core part of our strategic services but we look to build the First Nations progress beyond our videography and sound recording by also offering services as a creative collective. We aim to collaborate with our clients in creating web based platforms to present the recordings and video files so that the community can access them from anywhere.

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| Our mission is to preserve First Nations culture and language and go above and beyond by offering a mentorship program so community members can learn basic techniques and apply them within their own communities providing them with the ability to grow independently. 

| We aim to have an approach that values full transparency and community understanding of what we are offering and what the end result will be. By offering input on the project outline before starting any new projects with First Nations. 

Our Mission 


Our Objectives

| The goal is to create content that will also serve a purpose in research studies within communities., language preservation, and strengthening cultural presence. Our future aim is to create job opportunities by building teams within communities to maintain and continue to work independently.


| Our main objective is to assist First Nations to see an increase in overall fluent speakers within their community. 

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