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Our Services

Our services are beneficial for all communities looking to preserve and revive language and culture. We believe that if life long learners know who they are, and where they came from, then they will know where they are going. The foundation of language and culture should be the foundation for all life long learning. 

Our services are designed to help First Nations create content that will help in various areas. Whether they are used as resources in schools, to advance research, or to create tools to learn the language our services can be catered to your needs based on the project at hand. The goal is to use the best multi-media tools and create resources and digitize them so they can last forever. With language being at the forefront of the First Nations priority building capacity within communities is one of our main goals. We offer a mentorship program, giving communities the opportunity to become independent and learn new skills; teaching them basic methods to record and archive their own material.  


Using the latest technology and based on the principle that learning is best when the content is engaging and interactive. Video has become the best way to preserve both language, history, and culture. This content can be presented through web-based platforms designed uniquely for each community we work with.

Appealing to our core value in creating authentic relationships with First Nations, our main objective is to assist First Nations to see an increase in overall fluent speakers within their community. 


Video Production 


| Video 

| Event/Ceremony coverage 

| Traditional Podcasts 

| Creating digital lessons

| Conducting organized interviews with elders and community members

| Aerial cinematography & territory mapping of native land 

| etc. 

Audio Recording 

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 6.41.32 AM.png

| Mobile recording studio

| Language recording (words, phrases)

| Culture recording (stories, legends, songs, etc.)

| Meeting recording (important dialogues)

| etc. 


Mentorship Program

| Skill development in quality audio and video recording

| Basic equipment training

| Structure effective language resources

| Online training resources

| Supplementary written training material

| etc. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 6.18.35 PM.png

Web Development & Design 

| Web platform designed uniquely to showcase above content per community. 

| Resource design

| Print material 

| Logo formatting

| Event promo design

| etc. 

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